I agree with Shadsy

I agree with Shadsy

I have to agree with Matthew Shaddick of Ladbrokes about moving the counts at the general election to 9am on the Friday. On administrative level it seems like a good idea as it would mean the counters aren’t pulling all nighters but are counting after a good night’s sleep.

I postulate that it would make for a better environment for political gamblers to bet after a decent night’s sleep rather than pulling an all nighter. The fact we’d have a 12 hour gap between the exit poll and the first result would be exhilarating, it may also allow for a better analysis when the results start being announced.

It would also be great for political activists who in the run up to election day spend weeks on end campaigning then on election have to pull an all dayer on election night due to staying up all night at the count.

I remember in my activist days how tired I used to get on election day after spending the day knocking up the voters and/or other election day tasks like telling then going to the count or at home waiting for the declarations.

Although I might be being selfish, as the person who has edited this website on the last three general election nights (plus an Indyref and Brexit referendum) I think a good night’s sleep before the results would help me as well.


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