Arlene Foster, End Of An Era. Who Next?

Arlene Foster, End Of An Era. Who Next?

As We All Know Arlene Foster Has Resigned From Her DUP Leader & First Minister Duties. She Was Leader For Almost Six Years.

There Were Ups And There Were Downs. In My Honest Opinion, She Simply Made Too Many Mistakes And The Pressure Has Been Building For A Number Of Months.

With Arlene Leaving In May, Who Will Be The Next DUP Leader?

Below Are The Runners & Profiles For Each Candidate:

Name : Jeffrey Donaldson (Aged 58)
Current Odds : 7/4

Jeffrey Has Been Involved In Politics For Several Decades. He Is The Current M.P For Lagan Valley, Northern Ireland In Westminster And He Has Been For Several Years.

He Is Very Popular Within The D.U.P And There Is No Doubt He Is Well Liked In The Unionist Areas. Alliance Made Huge Gains In The Previous Westminster Election And He Could Potentially Lose His Seat In Lagan Valley In The Next Election.

Therefore, He Might Be Tempted To Throw His Name Into The Hat.

Prediction : 7-4 Is Too Short In My Honest Opinion But Is The Most Likely Winner.

Name : Edwin Poots (Aged 55)
Current Odds : 9/4

Edwin Poots Is Currently An MLA In Lagan Valley. He Is The Current Agriculture Minister For Northern Ireland.

He Has Recently Had Ongoing Health Issues. I Would Imagine It Would Be Too Much For Him.

Prediction : His Real Odds Are Probably 4-1.

Name : Chris Stalford (Aged 38)
Current Odds : 8/1

Chris Has Been A Belfast South MLA For The Past Five Years (5 Years) And He Was Educated In Queens University. He Is One Of The Best Unionist Politicans.

Prediction : He Will Surely Be The D.U.P Leader In The Future But Probably Not This Year. He Is Slightly Overpriced.

Name : Gavin Robinson (Aged 36)
Current Odds : 8/1

Gavin Retained The Belfast East Westminster Seat In The Previous Election. Naomi Long (Alliance) Closed The Gap Dramatically And She Will Likely Win In The Next Election.

Prediction : In My Opinion, Gavin Is Not High Prolific Enough To Be The Leader. Chris Is The Better 8-1

Diane Dodds (Aged 62)
Current Odds : 10-1

Diane Is The Most Experienced And High Prolific Unionist In The Country, She Served As An MEP For Over A Decade. She Is Currently The Economy Minister For Nothern Ireland. She Is A Teacher (Tutor) By Profession And She Parents Three Children With Her Husband, Nigel.

Diane Is A Current MLA For Upper Bann.

Prediction : Diane Has Been A Very Good Economy Minister But She Appears To Be Enjoying Her Current Career. Slightly Overpriced But Tough Ask.

Nigel Dodds (Aged 62)
Current Odds : 12/1

Nigel Has Bundles Of Experience In Local & National Politics. He Is Also A Barrister Who Is Married To Diane Dodds. He Resigned From Further Elections Due To Being Defeated By John Finucane (Sinn Fein) By Around 2,000 Votes.

Prediction : As Nigel Is Currently In The House Of Lords, He Is Unlikely To Apply.

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