We need to talk about antivaxxer GOPers

We need to talk about antivaxxer GOPers

If there’s one group of people that need gelding for their own safety as much as our own are those people who hate lockdown but refuse to get vaccinated or don’t get vaccinated promptly. For some reason they don’t realise vaccine hesitancy is likely to keep us in lockdown for longer. Fortunately for us in The United Kingdom the level of vaccine hesitancy is pretty much restricted to that small number of people who think Laurence Fox is an awesome politician.

However in America it is very much a different story.

43% of Republicans say they are likely to never get the vaccine, up from 36% in March, which contrasts with the Democratic Party voters. The worrying thing for the GOP is that vaccine hesitancy number is going upwards, probably amplified by the QAnon idiots which seem to influence so many GOP voters.

This does have betting implications, if significant number of GOPers remain unvaccinated then there are likely to a lot fewer GOP voters at the time of the next Presidential election which not even GOP voter suppression can overturn. At some point someone in the GOP will realise this.

Given the America’s obesity problem, and other resultant medical issues like diabetes, having so many unvaccinated voters may make the holding the White House much easier for Biden and the Democratic Party in 2024 and beyond.


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