I’ve finally bet on Biden as next President at a 67% chance

I’ve finally bet on Biden as next President at a 67% chance

Ever since the 2020 White House Race started formally ahead of the first primary TV debates in June last year I have been very critical of Joe Biden and never thought that he would get the nomination.

I wrote here many times that it was ridiculous for a man of his age to be seeking such an office and I sort of assumed that something would happen during the primary campaign that would raise doubts about him that would effectively kill his bid off.

I was totally wrong and Biden has got the nomination and has run an effective campaign against Trump and now looks set to win a week tonight.

Until this evening I had not bet on Biden in the national next president markets although I have had quite a few state and spread bets.

My wager this evening was at 1.49 because it is highly likely that over the next few days is price will tighten and tighten and by this time next week his odds could be be 1/10 or tighter.

As far as I can see he looks a near certainty and I’ve had my bet. My main worry is when I will get my winnings because the chances are that the post-election period will be messy with possible legal challenges.

Mike Smithson

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