This is starting to look like landslide territory.

This is starting to look like landslide territory.

What does Trump have in his armoury if the voters trust Joe Biden more on the economy?

A fortnight ago I said that with the pollster Quinnipiac Donald Trump was the preferred choice of the American voters to manage the economy, but it is becoming clear that with a few pollsters Trump doesn’t hold that advantage.

As with the UK general election of 2015 and the EU referendum the following year it was clear (in hindsight) that the supplementaries were a much better pointer to the actual result, and I think this holds true for the US Presidential election.

Without leading on the economy Trump resembles a eunuch trying to be a male porn star, no matter how hard you try, it just ain’t happening, and you’re more likely to be the one who gets fornicated senseless.

So if Trump can’t even win on the economy what does he have to help him win? The electoral chicanery as discussed this morning, or perhaps this?


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