Announcing the PB WH2020 election night Zoom “party”

Announcing the PB WH2020 election night Zoom “party”

Thanks to Barnesian, whose idea it was and whose Zoom account we will be using, there will be a PB Election night Zoom gathering. The thinking is to start just before midnight when the polls close in Florida when we should start to get real numbers about what the American people have decided and who will be the next President.

This will be the biggest political night that many of us have ever experienced and it would be great to spend this in the company of those who share our passion and interest.

The current plan is for link to the Zoom gathering to be published mid evening on November 3rd so people will be able to to join just before midnight.

Clearly for those of us who have invested large amounts of money on the election it will be good to share views and insights with other punters and perhaps spot value bets.

My guess is that most of us will be watching the results programs on TV and it might be a good idea if we wear headphones in order to take part in the Zoom interactions.

This is all at an early stage and we would be grateful if people have any views on how best we can structure it so we can all have an enjoyable and satisfactory night.

You will have to supply your own refreshments!

Mike Smithson

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