Who will win the first Presidential debate?

Who will win the first Presidential debate?

Ladbrokes have a market up on the first scheduled Presidential debate for the end of September and my first instinct is to back Biden.

Success equals performance minus anticipation and thanks to the Trump and his campaign they’ve lowered the bar for ‘Sleepy Joe’ so low that not even a baby Hobbit could walk under that bar. Then there’s what the Trump campaign have been up to

President Donald Trump’s campaign launched a series of Facebook ads on Thursday featuring a manipulated photo of his presidential opponent Joe Biden edited to make the former vice president appear older.

The ads, which label Biden “Sleepy Joe,” show him gazing out against a dark background with his mouth slightly agape. The Trump campaign is also running near-identical Facebook ads featuring the same text along with the original, unedited photo of Biden, in which his skin looks much brighter and healthier.

It’s among the latest examples of Trump officials circulating imagery that has been deceptively altered or pulled out of context to attack Biden.

On Sunday, White House deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino tweeted a fake video that appeared to show Biden sleeping through a TV interview. 

With this being a snap poll of people who have actually watched the debate the window is very small for Trump and his campaign to produce doctored footage of the debate to damage him in this snap poll, so that’s why I think the value is in backing Biden. Biden’s been very animated and passionate in recent days over the reported Trump sucker comments, which further adds confidence to making this bet.


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