Is this the Dem Duo to take on Trump and win back power?

Is this the Dem Duo to take on Trump and win back power?

On Betfair its Harris 52%, Rice 24% and 7% the field

With the Democratic convention due to take place the week after next year its getting very close to the point where Joe Biden announces who will join him on the ticket in the presidential election on November 3rd. As far as punters are concerned this is now a straight choice between the the Californian senator, Kamala Harris and the former Obama aide who worked closely with Biden in the White House, Susan Rice. For the eight years of the Obama administration she worked as national Security advisor and then as the US ambassador to the United Nations.

It is said that their offices in the building were next to each other and both would spend a lot of time working through the problems of that government.

The big question is whether Biden will take the plunge and continue with her in the key VP role as we get closer to the election.

Whoever he chooses this is a gamble and something that could change the narrative which no doubt the Republicans are working very hard preparing for.

Rice has never run for elected office and Harris is clearly much better prepared on that side of the business. Rice’s strong point is that she could be an infallible number 2 if he should actually win the election. Rice knows her way round in a way none of the other PP contenders can claim to do

Mike Smithson

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