WH2020 A powerful new ad from Republicans against Trump

WH2020 A powerful new ad from Republicans against Trump

One of the most intriguing aspects about the White House Race has been the powerful advertisements being produced and funded by Republicans who are opposed to Donald Trump.

What makes the above so effective is that the soundtrack consists of things said on the record by ex-President Ronald Reagan who was, of course, a Republican

We have featured here before promotions from the Lincoln Project and this latest ad above is not from them but from an organisation simply called Republicans against Trump.

The question is starting to be asked of a whether Trump will actually let his name go forward for a second term. The polls are very much against him both the presidential voting intention surveys and the approval ratings. The ads actually seem designed to undermine the President causing him possibly to think even more deeply about whether he should run in November.

I’ve had a little punt on him not being the nominee.

Mike Smithson

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