We need to talk about Donald Trump’s Twitter account

We need to talk about Donald Trump’s Twitter account

Donald Trump and his Twitter account seems to be the embodiment of David Cameron’s maxim about Twitter, but this week Trump seems to have really caught the attention of Twitter with some pretty interesting actions regarding his tweets.

So onto the betting angle of this story.

Ladbrokes have a market up on Trump’s Twitter account to be deactivated or suspended before the end of June 2020 at 10/1. Usually a profitable route is not to get involved in betting markets on where the bookie doesn’t offer both sides of the bet and I’m not breaking that rule in this instance.

The timeframe of this bet is too narrow for me, I can see Trump tweeting something that sees him suspended in the run up to the election, and possibly after the election, regardless of the result.

I cannot see Trump deleting his Twitter account, something he mentioned he might do the other day, it is a great medium for him to communicate with his supporters even if he wants to make himself a martyr and possibly complain about social media being socialist media.

I cannot see Twitter deleting probably their most controversial user, I suspect from a pure business viewpoint for Twitter Trump tweeting on a regular basis is good for business, especially one struggling in a pandemic economy.

So I really wish Ladbrokes would offer the other side of this bet.


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