This is bigly yuge

This is bigly yuge

I must confess I wasn’t expecting Trump to be impeached during his first term, given the make up of the Senate and the high bar to convict a President the Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives would not begin impeachment hearings but as NBC reports

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who for months resisted efforts to launch impeach proceedings against President Donald Trump, will announce a formal inquiry on Tuesday, according to two Democratic sources close to her.

Pelosi’s change of heart comes as dozens of House Democrats — now more than two-thirds of the caucus — have come out in support of an impeachment inquiry in the wake of reports that Trump may have withheld aid to Ukraine to pressure officials there to investigate the son of political rival Joe Biden.

Pelosi, D-Calif., is expected to announce the development after a meeting of the Democratic caucus she called for 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

Going after Joe Biden has demonstrated Newton’s Third Law of Motion but I do think this is a bad idea from the Democratic Party, as Nate Silver notes below this avenue of impeachment wasn’t popular when it involved Russia and will it be any different if involves Ukraine? It could end up polarising the country further and only make Democratic leaning voters happy.

But as the tweet below things can rapidly change (h/t to PBer Alistair for posting the tweet from Kevin M. Kruse.)

Overall I’m sticking to my betting position, the Senate will not vote to convict Trump under its current membership.



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