Sporting Index open their general election seat markets

Sporting Index open their general election seat markets

My approach to the spreads is to snog the Lib Dems, marry the Greens & the Brexit Party, and avoid the Tories & Labour.

I really enjoy spread betting, it is fun laced with huge risk which makes it fun, and allows you to open and close positions long before election day, plus in the past it has been very profitable so I’m glad Sporting Index have opened up these markets.

I’ve spent the last few hours looking at this market I’ve decided to buy Brexit Party, Green Party, and Lib Dems seats, my rationale for this is that there’s not much downside for these parties on this market, and potentially huge upsides.

I’m not going to participate on the spreads for the big two parties for the time being because I genuinely am not confident on calling the seat numbers for them.

You can see this being an epochal election for one or both of them which sees them slump. You can see both of them losing huge swathes of seats ranging from the SNP, The Brexit Party, and the Liberal Democrats and being usurped by at least one of them in the Great Britain seat totals.

If that happens and I’ve bought say Tory seats and they slump to a 2005 seat total level I’ll be going to the poorhouse. At the next election 35% might be enough for a landslide or it see a party finish comfortably second which could play havoc with the seat markets, so could an electoral pact or two.

Back in 2017 when the seat markets opened if I recall correctly the Tories opened at a mid price of around 400 seats whilst Labour was around 150 seats which would have been a huge loss for anyone who bought the Tories or sold Labour which shows the impact of a good and bad general election campaign.

When I’m more confident about the next election I’ll review these markets. You can access the Sporting Index market by clicking here.


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