A 16/1 tip to start off your Sunday

A 16/1 tip to start off your Sunday

Why I’m betting on Farage to become an MP in 2019

I suspect whatever the outcome on Brexit Nigel Farage will be screaming betrayal as it will not be the precise type of Brexit he wants. I expect that screaming will be heard on Jupiter if Article 50 is extended or revoked. If Parliament does what pre referendum Farage suggested in the event of 52%/48% result in 2016 and hold another referendum then Farage might be very cross.

So how does Farage channel that anger? I hope he won’t be picking up his rifle, I wonder if he might stand in the potential Peterborough by election, he has said in the past he wouldn’t but given the right circumstances he might, especially as outlined in the previous paragraph.

Peterborough seems ideal for Farage given that it voted Leave and if the current MP is disqualified for her conviction for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. It isn’t hard to imagine Farage using the by election by asking the voters to send a message to a dodgy Parliament, Brexit means Brexit perhaps?

If Parliament descends into further deadlock we could see a 2019 general election which could also Farage a further opportunity to become an MP.

Now perspicacious PBers will be pointing out Nigel Farage’s lamentable record when attempting to become an MP, including the memorable occasion when he finished third in a two horse race but at 16/1 I’m happy to put a few quid on it, but not much more. After all Farage will become unemployed from elected office in a little over two months, he might need something else to fill the void.


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