This week’s PB/Polling Matters podcast

This week’s PB/Polling Matters podcast

Corbyn’s declining poll ratings, economic trust and who would vote for a new party anyway?

On this week’s podcast, Keiran Pedley and Leo Barasi discuss:

1)    Jeremy Corbyn’s declining poll ratings and whether Russia or the ongoing anti-Semitism row is more to blame.

2)    A new poll shows May and Hammond leading Corbyn and McDonnell +13 points on the economy. But is the economy as all-important politically as we once thought?

3)     David Miliand’s favourabilty ratings – how do they compare to his brother and could he make a comeback?

4)    Who would actually vote for a new party in Britain?

5)   Why question wording really matters when looking at support for a second Brexit vote.

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