I now have huge doubts about the political judgment of Philip Hammond

I now have huge doubts about the political judgment of Philip Hammond

Hammond’s plan to make Boris PM days after the general election failed because David Davis wanted to be PM.

Tim Shipman of The Sunday Times has published the first excerpts of his new book, which covers the last 15 months or so of UK politics including the general election and the aftermath of Mrs May’s appalling campaign which saw her lose David Cameron’s majority, as we can see from the tweet

One of the most fascinating bits from the first excerpt of the book is the tweets above, Philip Hammond was going to help Boris Johnson become Prime Minister in the early hours of June 9th.

Like many others I have Michael Govesque doubts about Boris Johnson as Tory Leader/Prime Minister, so anyone who tries to make Boris Prime Minister goes down in my estimation and makes me dubious about the political nous of said people. Additionally anyone making that analogy about the First Triumvirate should know it did not end well for Caesar, Pompey, nor Crassus.

The Sunday Times last night also reported

Rebel leaders claimed last night that up to 50 Conservative MPs now want May to resign, more than the 48 who would be needed to force a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

So this does make me think we’re only one bad mistake, or something Brexit related which annoys either the hard core Leavers or those on the opposite viewpoint, from a vote of confidence being triggered in Mrs May, which makes betting on Mrs May’s exit date even more challenging.


PS – It is definitely worth reading the whole of Tim Shipman’s twitter account from last night for more excerpts from his book.

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