Boris Johnson the David Miliband de nos jours?

Boris Johnson the David Miliband de nos jours?

On resigning, it’s BoNo, I can’t leave, with or without you Prime Minister.

We’ve been here before, an unpopular analogue Prime Minister in a digital world who most of their party would like to ditch, a Foreign Secretary writing a newspaper article setting out their vision which many took as the beginning of a leadership challenge but then chickened out of that challenge.

I wonder like David Miliband, Boris Johnson has damaged himself with these shenanigans and ultimately rue not quitting/toppling the Prime Minister. But as many sources and outlets have reported overnight Boris Johnson has pulled back from the brink and cancelled his seemingly inevitable flounce that was scheduled this coming weekend.

If Boris decides to repeat his antics of the past week in the future and doesn’t topple Mrs May then he’s going to lose even more support and lustre, like the Grand Old Duke of York (and Albany) marching his troops up to the top of the hill then marching then back down again, it won’t end well.

What will other cabinet ministers make of this? I suspect they will see Mrs May capitulates under the slightest pressure and provocation, this does not bode well for good governance, as Ken Clarke noted, in normal circumstances Boris Johnson would have been sacked for his recent actions.

Amusingly like David Miliband, Boris Johnson has a younger brother who is also an MP, if history is about to repeat itself, you might consider taking the 100/1 on Jo Johnson as next Tory Leader that several bookies are offering.


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