Why the Corbynite candidate might not win the Scottish Labour Leadership

Why the Corbynite candidate might not win the Scottish Labour Leadership

Following Kezia Dugdale’s resignation as Scottish Labour Party Leader the race to succeed her has been an interesting one, with much attention focused on the Yorkshire accented former public schoolboy Richard Leonard, who is now second favourite behind Anas Sarwar.

The findings from YouGov show that Scottish Labour members are more centrists than those in the rest of Britain, and Jeremy Corbyn’s views and charms haven’t had the same effect in Scotland than in the rest of Britain, so on this basis I think the odds are right in back Mr Sarwar.

But given the unexpected six gains Corbyn oversaw in Scotland on June 8th might make Richard Leonard’s brand of Corbynism might make him attractive to Labour members in Scotland, especially as of Corbyn’s former top aides is now working on his campaign. 

The Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, ex officio, has a seat on [Labour’s] ruling national executive council. The key decision-making body is currently finely-balanced between moderates and the party’s left-wing, but a victory for Mr Leonard will tip it in Mr Corbyn’s favour. So the result in Scotland will have an impact south of the border too.

Personal experience tells me you should never underestimate a former public schoolboy with a Yorkshire accent.

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