It would appear some Tory MPs are determined to see a British En Marche happen

It would appear some Tory MPs are determined to see a British En Marche happen

Why else would they back Leadsom? It is very reminiscent of Labour MPs backing Michael Foot just before defecting to the SDP so their old party was saddled with an unappealing leader.

Business Insider report today that

Dozens of Conservative MPs have urged Andrea Leadsom to run for the party leadership since Theresa May’s failure to win a majority in the general election.

Leadsom — who stood to replace former prime minister and Tory leader David Cameron in 2016 — has been urged by a growing number of her parliamentary colleagues to put her name forward a second time, friends of the MP for South Northamptonshire have told Business Insider.

May has been under pressure ever since the Conservative Party failed to retain its parliamentary majority at the June 8 election. The party lost 13 seats while Labour gained 30, despite most polls predicting a comfortable Tory victory.

Looking at the odds, you can get 50/1 on Mrs Leadsom being next Tory leader, and as far as I can see she’s not listed on the next PM markets, which tells you everything about her chances, even as a trading bet it doesn’t seem very appealing.

In a lot of ways Mrs Leadsom was very lucky that during the last Tory leadership election Michael Gove’s transformation into the lovechild of Francis Urquhart and Niccolò Machiavelli effectively took out the two most prominent Leave campaigners in the Tory party.

I suspect she wouldn’t be that lucky this time, plus there might be other more appealing Leavers that would stand, and the other consideration is since that infamous Mother superior interview, she has in no way managed to rehabilitate herself with the public nor the party, or even tried to do so.


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