Punters move against Trump on the “will he survive ” markets

Punters move against Trump on the “will he survive ” markets

If the UK was not in the middle of a general election campaign then the political news that would be dominating things at the moment would be from Washington.

The sacking earlier in the month of of the FBI director Comey followed by this week’s revelations that Trump might have disclosed intelligence secrets to the the Russian foreign minister have all added to the drama. It is now suggested that an agent’s life might be in jeopardy. Ex-GOP Presidential candidate John McCain is saying that things have reached Watergate proportions.

It is the ongoing narrative of Trump’s links with the Russians that is driving things. A new development in the Comey case is a report that Trump asked the then FBI director in February to close down investigations – a move that is portrayed as interfering with the judicial process.

From this side of the pond it is hard to make a reasoned assessment and so far I’ve kept out of the betting.

Mike Smithson

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