Some Brexit special bets

Some Brexit special bets

Paddy Power have some Brexit specials up, my initial view is that this is market is a good way of contributing to the Paddy Power Christmas bonus fund.

Whilst my inner Euro-Federalist might be tempted to back the UK to rejoin the EU at some time in the future, I’d need slightly longer odds but the biggest obstacle is that I don’t fancy tying my money up for maybe the next 33 years.

The 1/10 on the UK establishing a ¬†trade deal with the EU on/before May 2019 doesn’t seem tempting either ¬†when said deal is reliant on 27 other countries agreeing to it.

The stand out bet in my opinion is the 4/5 on Teresa May (sic) still being PM in 2020.. That’s an 80% return in around three years, and looks stupendous value in my opinion when you consider that SkyBet are offering 1/3 on Mrs May being PM after the next general election.


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