Hillary is now even more than reliant on the First Lady to get her over the line

Hillary is now even more than reliant on the First Lady to get her over the line


The race looks a lot tighter than it 24 hours ago

What’s become almost the best guide to how WH2016 is going is how often it is Michelle Obama who is making the news.

She was the star of the Democratic convention in August – an event that was certainly a turning point in the polling. Recently she’s been really forceful on Trump’s issues with women and last night made a big speech alongside Hillary in North Carolina which got good coverage. This is a state that Obama missed in 2012 which, if things go rightly for HRC, could end up in her hands on November 8th.

As Taegan Goddard writes on the excellent PoliticalWire:

“..The reasons Obama is such a perfect surrogate for Clinton is that she appeals to every part of the coalition that carried Barack Obama to victories in 2008 and 2012: younger voters, people of color, single women and college-educated white voters.

Clinton has struggled to put that coalition back together, but Michelle Obama is helping her do it..”

While the early voting continues to look positive for the blue team the latest FBI intervention has certainly taken the wind of out the Clinton campaign sails even though it did not directly concern her.

What appears to be happening in the polls is that Republicans are increasingly likely to say they are certain which is helping the Trimp numbers.

This battle is very much about turnout. Only a week and a half to go.

Mike Smithson

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