Betting on who will win the US Presidential race in 2020

Betting on who will win the US Presidential race in 2020


Both Trump & Clinton have the potential to voluntarily be one term Presidents and that benefits their nominees for Vice President for the 2020 race.

No, that headline wasn’t a typo, even before the winner of the 2016 race has been decided, Ladbrokes really do have a market up on who will win the 2020 White House race. I do wonder if both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, by choice, will be voluntary one term Presidents.

The reasons for why they might be involuntary one term or less Presidents are Clinton’s much commented upon mainly her health issues may become a subject that renders it impossible for her to run again in 2020 and that email server. But for whatever reason she decides not to run in 2020, her Vice Presidential candidate, who by 2020 would be the Vice President, Tim Kaine, might be the best option to back in that scenario. He could be in the incumbent President at the time of the 2020 Presidential election, and being the incumbent makes it very helpful for him to be his party’s nominee in 2020.

As for Donald Trump, despite the hype, the President of the United States of America isn’t as powerful as some think, I suspect Donald Trump will become very frustrated with the system of government the Founding Fathers came up, and will despise the separation of powers and checks & balances like most other residents of the White House. Which makes it more likely he’ll stand down after one term due to frustration at not being able to get things done as he does in the business world, after all he isn’t a career politician. So if Trump steps down this would benefit Mike Pence. Like Hillary Clinton, you can see President Trump being successfully impeached, and like Tim Kaine, Mike Pence could be the incumbent President at the time of the 2020 Presidential election.

What I’ve seen of Mike Pence so far in this election campaign he comes across as an assured and smooth politician, who if he were the GOP nominee probably would beat Hillary, and I say that as someone who thinks Pence’s views on LGBT equality and denial of treatment of H.I.V. and AIDS sufferers marks him out as a vile bigot and extremist egregiously unqualified to be President but as the old Polish proverb says ‘not my circus, not my monkeys.’

So Tim Kaine and Mike Pence to win the Presidential race in 2020 will be my first bets of that Presidential race.


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