EU Referendum turnout betting

EU Referendum turnout betting

SPIN EURef Turnout

Sporting Index have a market up on the referendum turnout. Alastair Meeks tipped it when it was 62, but I still think at its current mid price of 68 it is still a buy for the following reasons

  1. With Leave looking like they could win, it will motivate Leave voters to turnout and ensure victory.
  2. Remain voters who might have stayed at home if the polls were showing a comfortable Remain victory will now be motivated to turnout.
  3. With Individual Voter Registration it has seen a cut in the number of voters, which might boost turnout as a percentage.

With both sides hyping up the implications of the result of the referendum, you can see why voters might see this as an epochal referendum, so boosting turnout to a level above last year’s general election.

The 1975 referendum turnout was significantly lower than the previous general election, however that referendum took place a little over two years after Le Royaume-Uni had joined the European Community, so enough of the country knew of what life was like before we joined the EC, so leaving might not have been seen as much as a risk as it is being perceived in this referendum.


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