Independence Day is going to be mentioned a lot in the run up to June 23rd

Independence Day is going to be mentioned a lot in the run up to June 23rd

Trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence which is released at the cinemas on June 23rd.

Patriotism might be the last refuge of a scoundrel, but Leave would be stupid not to use it.

This month has some great anniversaries if you’re British, Waterloo, The Queen’s official birthday, and of course tomorrow, the finest and most important military operation in human history, Operation Overlord*.

Coupled with three out of the four home nations qualifying for football’s European Championships that start this Friday, patriotism and patriotic fervour is going to be at its apotheosis. Which brings me to the film that hits the cinemas on June 23rd, the sequel to Independence Day, the 1996 hit, Independence Day: Resurgence, ¬†With blockbusters like this, the marketing and advertising is overwhelming and you can see Leave tapping into some of that, and even hijacking the theme of ‘Independence Day.’

One of the advantages Leave has that there’s no great burning love among the UK for the EU, whilst during the Scottish Independence referendum there was three hundred years’ worth of shared history and kinship that Unionists could deploy, there’s no such history for Remain to exploit. Advantage Leave.


*Just imagine if the D-Day landings had failed, the likely alternatives are that the Iron Curtain would have reached as far as Calais, or that the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have been dropped on major German cities instead. There might not have been a European Community or a European Union.

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