UKIP are doing a passable impression of ferrets in a sack again

UKIP are doing a passable impression of ferrets in a sack again

For a party with only one MP such regular ructions is a real achievement

The above is a tweet from Douglas Carswell quoting an article about the UKIP donor Arron Banks, the rest of Douglas Carswell’s twitter feed over the past few days has been similarly entertaining about his disagreements and issues with Banks and his staff.

Whilst all of this amusing to non UKIPers it might have wider ramifications for UK politics, especially with Arron Banks telling campaigners ‘I have Nigel by the short and curlies financially.’

It makes defections to UKIP less likely given the opprobrium heaped upon Douglas Carswell by some in UKIP since the election and Mark Reckless losing his seat in May and is now attempting to revive his career by standing in next year’s Welsh assembly elections, defecting to UKIP is the equivalent of the Kiss of Death for one’s career. As is opposing/criticising  Nigel Farage as Suzanne Evans has found out to her cost again this weekend. 

With Labour appearing to place ideological purity ahead of electability, the migrant crisis and with the forthcoming EU referendum, UKIP have a historic opportunity to reshape the fabric of this country but right now they appear to be declining that opportunity whilst opponents of UKIP are struggling to contain their glee.

Forget all the post election council by elections showing UKIP generally doing badly, forget the opinion polls, the key stat for UKIP is the following one, ten per cent of UKIP members have left the party since the election. The People’s Army is demobilising before their most important battle, that does not bode well for UKIP and could damage the wider Leave movement if not handled well.


PS – It is exactly one year ago today that Mark Reckless defected to UKIP, if a week is a long time in politics, a year must feel like an aeon for Mark Reckless

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