The buzzword bingo on Mr Corbyn’s conference speech

The buzzword bingo on Mr Corbyn’s conference speech

Will Mr Corbyn be a ‘swine’ and mention Dave’s porcine issue?

Ladbrokes have a market up on what exact words or phrases Mr Corbyn will say during his speech at the Labour party conference. I’ve said before these betting markets often appear to exist purely to fund the bookies’ bonus fund and this one appears not to break that pattern.

But I am tempted by the 3/1 on pig. Mr Corbyn faces a difficult conference with splits on several policy areas expected, so he needs something to get the party to unite behind him. Conferences also exist in part to cheer up your own supporters (who need cheering up after the traumatic events of May), so what better way for Mr Corbyn to get the whole party united and cheered up than to openly ridicule David Cameron by referencing that pig allegation.

You can access the Ladbrokes market by clicking here.


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