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PB Nighthawks is now open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Why 2015 is about marginal seats more than national stats
  2. Reasons to be careful about new analysis suggesting Lib Dems “set to lose several more seats than national polls with uniform swing would predict”
  3. Lord Mandelson: Labour risks ‘great self-destruction’ by depending on current supporters
  4. Conservatives should form a minority Government to avoid ‘complicated’ coalition, David Cameron’s election strategist says. Lord Andrew Cooper says the polls indicate that the Conservatives are unlikely to win an outright majority and that a “tidal wave” of support for parties such as Ukip will lead to a messy hung parliament
  5. Tory Party members aren’t really cooling towards the Coalition as the election approaches
  6. Social democrats face irrelevance at best, extinction at worse. Labour could find itself in office come May, but without the power to act. Social democrats everywhere need to understand the crisis they are in and how much they need to change.
  7. The Labour Party: white, middle class and stuck in a gastropub
  8. Labour’s Harriet Harman says women will take on Tory party’s ‘reigning men’. Female candidates contest 54% of key constituencies as Powell and Cooper take big role in 2015 general election campaign
  9. Ignore the flaws. For only Labour can beat the Tories, Osborne’s strategy will bring ideological shrink-the-state brutality. We need to stop this however we can
  10. Ukip’s high command remains confused about the NHS
  11. Revealed: the cringeworthy horror of Ukip chat-up lines
  12. ‘Brummie’ is the least attractive accent
  13. FBI was shaken and stirred by James Bond portrayal, files reveal. A memo was sent ordering FBI agents to halt any mention of the Bureau in the 1964 film Goldfinger
  14. 78 years ago tomorrow, King-Emperor Edward VIII signed his instrument of abdication.
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