Nighthawks is now open

Nighthawks is now open

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Why not relax, and converse into the night on the day’s events in PB NightHawks.

If you’re a lurker, why not delurk tonight.

The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1.  Nicky Morgan’s challenge: stop Gove becoming a useful bogeyman
  2. Is the wizardry of Conservative strategist Lynton Crosby a myth?
  3. Boris standing as an MP is the silliest story of the silly season. Although that’s not to say that it won’t help Cameron’s chances in the next election…
  4. Owen Paterson is trolling David Cameron but could he be plotting a run for Tory leader?
  5. Sir John Major: Immigrants are grafters and natural Conservatives
  6. George Osborne plays increasing role in UK foreign policy following William Hague’s departure.
  7. Unlike the Tories, Labour will take climate change seriously
  8. Colorado Republican Randy Baumgardener: Fracking is okay, it’s natural for water to burn. ‘Indians’ used it for warmth
  9. Deny independent Scotland access to warships and fighter jets if they will not share UK debt, influential MP says
  10. Better Together asks people to stop sending small donations. Campaign say they’ve been inundated since Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond’s TV debate
  11. Justice Secretary’s policies ‘responsible for prison suicides’ Chief Inspector of Prisons criticises Chris Grayling for failures on staffing and overcrowding
  12. On Iraq, the public’s conscience stirs but MPs are impotent
  13. The motivations of Theresa May’s attack on Strasbourg
  14. Lord Neuberger, Britain’s most senior judge, admits he doesn’t read all papers in a case
  15. Brits are more likely to help their pet than a man or teenager
  16. Tomorrow is the 310th anniversary of the Battle of Blenheim, when an English led alliance gave the French a good hiding.
  17. Who is winning the betting war: Ladbrokes or William Hill?
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