PB Nighthawks is now open

PB Nighthawks is now open

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Why not relax, and converse into the night on the day’s events in PB NightHawks.

If you’re a lurker, it’ll be a Tragedy if you don’t delurk, I’m sure your contributions won’t be Better Best Forgotten, I hope at least 5,6,7,8 lurkers delurk.

The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Why Cameron’s crackdown on immigrant benefits won’t help the Tories. The PM is fuelling the perception that “benefit tourism” is a problem while still allowing himself to be outflanked by Ukip. 
  2. Jowell retakes lead in Labour London Mayor poll – but race is still wide open
  3. Boris Johnson refuses to say if he plans to stand as MP in 2015. London mayor dodges questions on BBC’s World at One about whether he plans to re-enter parliament and combine two jobs
  4. Why Ed Miliband’s public image matters
  5. The Tories attack Miliband because they’ve got no decent policies
  6. Labour needs to make common cause with left-wing Lib Dem supporters to win in 2015
  7. Old debts put Labour still deep in the red, Opposition party owes more than all its rivals
  8. Tories to announce “tens of thousands” increase in membership at party conference.
  9. McBride back to attack a Labour leader? Old habits die hard
  10. Why Labour loves Andy Burnham, Burnham’s NHS brief gives him high-priest status, but it is the man himself who commands loyalty from the Labour faithful
  11. Bankers should take a Hippocratic oath to restore virtue to the financial sector
  12. The rich want us to believe their wealth is good for us all. As the justifications for gross inequality collapse, only the Green party is brave enough to take on the billionaires’ boot boys
  13.  Why patriotic Scots will be voting No. The question of the referendum is not “could Scotland be independent?”, but “why should it be?”
  14. How to win an argument on Twitter
  15. Life after a nuclear war revealed: Computer models reveal Earth would suffer a 20-year-long winter and worldwide famine. Researchers from Colorado studied the effects of nuclear conflict on Earth
  16. British inventor builds giant ‘fart machine’ to fire at France (hat-tip RobD)
  17. Model of Richard III looks more like a storm trooper, say experts
  18. The British Empire is ‘something to be proud of’
  19. This gentleman won’t be making any more outrageous predictions and bets in the future.
  20. Today is the 1,000th anniversary of the Battle of Kleidion, Basil II who became henceforth known as The Bulgar Slayer.
  21. Twenty-six years ago today, Paddy Ashdown became Liberal Democrat Leader, here’s what the Guardian wrote at the time.
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