PB Nighthawks is now open

PB Nighthawks is now open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Antifrank: The latest election round: what have we learned about UKIP? Part 1: the national trends
  2. Giving up on the “white working class” is a 20% strategy
  3. Ex Labour MP forms The North East Party
  4. Tories plotting to form a coalition with Northern Ireland MPs to avoid sharing power again with Clegg
  5. One website won’t solve the voter registration problem. The government’s policy of Individual Electoral Registration will make things worse.
  6. Theresa May: ‘She’s not a bloke and she didn’t go to Eton’
  7. Britain needs ‘Church schools’ and ‘faith schools’
  8. Unchallenged by craven Labour, Britain slides towards ever more selfishness
  9. Oxfam: MPs shocked by ‘disgraceful’ political campaigning
  10. Punter places ‘largest political bet ever’ with £400,000 wager on Scotland voting No
  11. People should be able to use mobile phones and iPads to vote, John Bercow has said.
  12. Remembering Willy Brandt, the chancellor of change
  13. Tory MP: Gay marriage was a mistake – Labour would have done it anyway
  14. Britain’s top family judge: ‘Give contraception lessons to problem parents’
  15. Michael Gove Previously Said It Was “Un-British” To Define Britishness
  16. Children should learn British values such as freedom and tolerance, says David Cameron
  17. Honour plans for veteran escapee. Mayor proposes honour for Bernard Jordan, the 89-year-old Normandy veteran who fled his nursing home to join D-Day celebrations 
  18. Go on the internet – or lose access to government services, Francis Maude tells pensioners
  19. Merseysiders are the most likely to skive off to watch the World Cup
  20. The party politics of pot
  21. Today or tomorrow is the 2,337th anniversary of the death of Alexander the Great, whose military strategy and tactics are second only to Julius Caesar.
  22. John Bercow Backs A Referendum On Britain’s Membership Of The European Union
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