Why People Voted UKIP

Why People Voted UKIP

As part of the poll conducted for UKIP donor Paul Sykes, ComRes asked

How important was each of the following as a possible reason for your decision to vote UKIP at the European elections on Thursday? (Only those that replied 10/10 are shown – 10 being very important)

As we can see, Tighter immigration and leaving the EU are the prime movers. Although, I wish they had asked more reasons, such as Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg to be able to put the David Cameron figure into context. I was surprised to see Gay Marriage ranked so low.

For those who contend UKIP are taking votes equally from Labour and the Conservatives, of the ten out of tenners, 39% said the Labour Party doesn’t represent me any more, 33%  said the same for the Conservative party.

Whilst Nigel Farage’s ego may not like being at 25%, it is good for UKIP that they are drawing support for a variety of reasons, and not just primarily for their leader.

This poll leaves me with the impression, that any party that tries to “OutUKIP” UKIP will fail in winning back those who voted UKIP in the European elections because I don’t think any party will be able to offer policies that will satisfy these voters.

As we saw with the Ipsos-Mori issues index last week, UKIP voters are very different to other voters when it comes to the issues that are important to them the most. In the past I’ve been of the belief that UKIP would peak this year and fall back in next year’s General Election, this polling and other polling makes me think otherwise.


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