Lord Ashcroft poll on how Euro voters will vote next year

Lord Ashcroft poll on how Euro voters will vote next year

In another poll by Lord Ashcroft, 4,286 people who voted in the European Parliament elections in Great Britain were interviewed online on 22 and 23 May 2014, and there were quite a few questions asked (sadly no exit poll!)

As I’ve stated before, one of the great unknowns when it comes to the next General Election is how 2014 UKIP voters will vote.

Fortunately for us, Lord Ashcroft asked a question along those lines

As you may know, the next UK general election will be held just under a year from now, on 7 May 2015. Which party do you think it is most likely you will end up voting for when it comes to the general election?

21% of UKIP voters say it is most likely they vote Tory, and 11% say Labour, whilst Dave will be delighted that Kippers are breaking 2:1 for him instead of Labour, I don’t think that’s enough for Dave to remain in Downing Street post May 2015.

Whilst the wording of the questions aren’t the same, Survation the other day found different results.

The other finding that stood out is, which is probably alarming for the Liberal Democrats, that only 66% of the Lib Dem Euro voters are likely to vote Lib Dem at the General Election, for the Tory and Lab Euro Voters, their figures are in the 90s. If as expected the Lib Dems poll single figures in the Euros tomorrow, then this does not bode well for the Yellows in 2015.


Meanwhile The Opinium Westminster VI poll for the Observer is



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