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Nighthawks is now open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. A note of caution about resignation polls: while 62% of voters think Maria Miller should stand down, 52% think the same of Nick Clegg, 47% of Michael Gove and 46% of Ed Miliband
  2. Maria Miller could cost Tories election if she stays, say MPs. A quarter of all Conservative MPs in the most at risk seats at the next election say Maria Miller must resign for the sake of the party’s chances at the next election
  3. A reminder of what moves polls.
  4. Miliband’s moment of decision, does he call for Maria Miller to go?
  5. Britain will be best performing of largest economies in 2014, IMF predicts. International Monetary Fund concedes it was overly pessimistic last spring when it warned chancellor to ease austerity measures
  6. Moving power closer to you – Miliband’s £20 billion boost for cities and regions
  7. How Danny Alexander is manoeuvring to succeed Nick Clegg. The ambitious Lib Dem is positioning himself as the “continuity candidate” in a future leadership contest.
  8. If Scotland leaves, we can blame Heath, Letwin, Cameron and Labour 
  9. Lord Robertson is trying to bully Scots into voting no in the referendum. The former defence secretary and Nato chief’s claims that a Scottish break from the union will imperil the west are part of an anti-democratic campaign that is backfiring
  10. The key Brexit question: who will our new pals be? 
  11. Italian Far-Right Lega Nord Activists Almost Drown Attempting Stunt To Prove How ‘Easy’ Illegal Immigration Is
  12. Benefits sanctions show this government at its Kafkaesque worst.Ideological convictions about why people are unemployed have created a bureaucratic nightmare that manufactures injustice and mistakes
  13. House Of Commons’ Champagne Bill In Huge Rise Under Coalition
  14. Windfarms can reduce house prices by up to 12%, says LSE. Findings contrast with earlier study – and will fan homeowners’ demands for compensation when windfarms are approved
  15. How the Liverpool Supporters’ Union proved it’s possible to change football for the better. 
  16. Tomorrow is the 601st anniversary of Henry V being crowned. 
  17. In May 2016, the movie event of all time: Captain America will take on Superman and Batman.
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