PB Nighthawks is now open

PB Nighthawks is now open

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If you’re wanting some Happy Mondays, why not relax and spend the night on PB Nighthawks.

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Can Farage convert short-term popularity into long-term gains?
  2. Most supporters of the UK Independence party say they will stay with the anti-EU party after European elections in May, according to a poll, dealing a blow to Conservative hopes to win them over for the general election in 2015.
  3. Big catch for Tory reconciliation team as rebel gives up anti-Cameron fight
  4. David Cameron in retreat over Maria Miller’s expenses as he accepts that the parliamentary standards committee may need to be reformed
  5. Online political ads test boundaries while electoral law lags behind. There is no requirement for parties to declare responsibility for campaign material circulated on the internet
  6. Labour risks being a one-trick party on the cost-of-living crisis. If he is to woo the squeezed middle, Ed Miliband’s economic vision must go beyond just one issue
  7. Why Miliband is sticking to his “cost-of-living” attack, A few months of wage rises won’t be enough to repair the severed link between growth and earnings for most. 
  8. Has the Labour Party shaken off complacency? If we want to win, we must
  9. Police Federation in turmoil as chiefs resign
  10. A referendum on Europe would undermine our constitution (and yes, we do have a constitution)
  11. UK becoming ‘more local and global’ – Ipsos MORI carried out a survey of the UK public exploring their views on identity
  12. When Eric Pickles calls Britain a Christian nation I side with the atheists. If my religion is reduced to a form of state triumphalism then political correctness seems a far better option
  13. ConHome use a piece by SeanT to write “Scottish independence would be a disaster for Labour, but a death blow to the Conservative Party” (Hat-tip TheUnionDivvie)
  14. Tipping point online, tripping point offline? - Mark Shephard and Stephen Quinlan of the University of Strathclyde analyse the social media engagement of the Yes Scotland and Better Together campaigns.
  15. YouGov asks Would Bez of the Happy Mondays make a good
  16. Law set to give Attorney General power to edit online news archives in the run-up to trials
  17. Boeing 747 forced to make emergency landing because of overheating cows
  18. The Vikings were feared for a reason.  Ignore recent revisionism. The Norsemen carried out atrocities to equal those of the German SS
  19. Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the 1974 Eurovision song contest, held in Brighton.
  20. Which ABBA won with Waterloo, here’s their performance from that night.


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