PB Nighthawks is now open

PB Nighthawks is now open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. White face, blue collar, grey hair: the ‘left behind’ voters only Ukip understands. Farage’s core voters are not EU-obsessed Tories, but working-class men. Labour cannot afford to ignore their real concerns
  2. Tory modernisers’ best hope is an Ed Miliband victory. Being beaten after just one term by a man deemed unelectable would open up space for those who understand the need to reinvent the party.
  3. Unite’s £1.5m funding cut means Labour will need to bargain with McCluskey. The union is prepared to reduce the shortfall but will expect policy concessions in return.
  4. Nick Clegg’s EU debate with Nigel Farage breaks golden rule.
  5. Vince Cable: Teachers know ‘absolutely nothing’ about world of work. Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, enrages unions by saying teachers know ‘absolutely nothing’ about the world of work
  6. Migrant entrepreneurs have created one in every seven UK companies, according to the first comprehensive analysis of official data about founder origins.
  7. Energy renationalisation isn’t going to happen – but the government can still control the energy market
  8. Ukip councillor: let businesses turn away women or gay people if they want
  9. The grassroots love Boris Johnson – but they don’t care for dithering. This most flirtatious practitioner of political brinksmanship might start losing support if he doesn’t make a decision about standing as an MP in 2015
  10. Ukraine crisis: bugged call reveals conspiracy theory about Kiev snipers.
  11. Putin is exploiting the legacy of the Soviet Union to further Russia’s ends in Ukraine. Cannily, Moscow has couched the invasion in the same vocabulary of fraternal assistance that the USSR deployed in Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan
  12. The hypocrisy of the Great Powers is on display again in Ukraine. We should look in the mirror before condemning Russian expansionism
  13. The west must act on Ukraine – but nobody wants to pay the price. 
  14. Vladimir Putin is losing the battle for Ukraine
  15. Arab states withdraw ambassadors from Qatar in protest at ‘interference’. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE take steps after Qatar’s failure to uphold agreement on security and stability of GCC
  16. Five years of disastrously low interest rates have left Britain addicted to cheap credit
  17. HS2 Bill won’t be passed by the next election, Transport Secretary admits
  18. Would England Use Force To Stop Scottish Independence?
  19. Could you become an MI6 spy? MI6 has created a simple quiz in which potential candidates can test whether they have what it takes to become a spy
  20. Oscar Pistorius – Only 7% think he is innocent. 64% of the British public say Oscar Pistorius is probably guilty – but 80% think placing bets on the verdict is unacceptable

  21. A lawyer who claims The Wolf of Wall Street mocks his hair loss and portrays him as a cocaine-snorting degenerate is suing the filmmakers for $25 million. 
  22. Thirty-Three Years Ago today the Future Arrived: The Sinclair ZX81
  23. Tomorrow is the 157th Anniversary of the worst decision in the history of the US Supreme Court. The decision would prove to be an indirect catalyst for the American Civil War
  24. The one chart you need to understand why Republicans should be worried about 2016. Only 11% of US Republicans are non-white, compared with about 30% of the American electorate.  Democrats: 44%
  25. The ‘gaydar’ DOES exist: Homosexuals are best at working out people’s sexual orientation (but straight people are better at picking up emotions), claims study


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