Nighthawks is now open

Nighthawks is now open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Jobs figures suggest Cameron and Osborne have survived their 364 economists moment
  2. The Tories are edging closer to defeat
  3. The rise of Ukip and the Lib Dems being rubbish are keeping Ed Miliband in a job
  4. PMQs review: Cameron manages to pin the economic blame on Miliband. The Labour leader had no convincing riposte to Cameron’s claim that he was “an arsonist” who “complains that the fire brigade aren’t putting the fires out fast enough”.
  5. PMQs Verdict: Neither silent Ed nor SHOUTY ED are working for Miliband
  6. Ed Miliband’s ultimate election battle will be about trust. After the Tories’ failure to label him ‘Red’, or the wrong brother, their final blast will be to claim he’s simply not up to the job
  7. Stop stigmatising the unemployed: the problem is the lack of decent jobs
  8. Labour needs to stop fiddling and get on with the big stuff
  9. The real tragedy behind the Wrexham 99p store ‘riot.’ To a greater extent than ever before, the richer and poorer of Britain do not live, work – or shop – in the same places
  10. Lib Dems suspend MP over inappropriate sexual advances claims. Mike Hancock is suspended from party amid demands he should be treated in same way as Lord Rennard
  11. The convenient blankness of a ‘political solution’ for Syria
  12. One day we will look back and regret not intervening in Syria earlier
  13. Rand Paul Is the 2016 Republican Frontrunner
  14.  John Redwood outlines a doctrine of coercive loyalty. According to the senior backbencher, Tory rebels are pushing the Government towards popular policies on migration, energy and sovereignty.
  15. Edward Davey MP writes…Lib Dem led British diplomacy paves way for global climate change deal
  16. What the Chinese think of us
  17. In Ukraine, the EU flag is a symbol of defiance and hope; in Britain, the star-spangled emblem is so loathed in government circles that Eric Pickles has officially banished it to a basement

  18. Labour heavyweight: BBC deploys Ed Balls bulge. Hapless BBC journalists used a photograph of Ed Balls’ bulging waistline to illustrate a story on Twitter about the benefits of exercise 
  19. Tory MP calls police on handful of retired constituents delivering lobbying bill ‘gagging law’ petition
  20. Sherlock is most watched BBC drama series for over a decade
  21. Is this the worst police sketch of all time.
  22. Today is the 135th Anniversary of one of the greatest rearguards in (British Military) History.


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