NightHawks is now open

NightHawks is now open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant story)

  1. Tories must be wary of Ed Miliband’s cost of living gambit
  2. UK sets pace of recovery among major economies
  3. I know it’s the summer holidays, Ed, but what is Labour’s message? The failure to hammer home clear views has let the Tories set the terms of debate

  4. Privatisation isn’t working. It’s time for a public service users bill
  5. The political obsession with data-crunching digital gurus lacks imagination and ambition
  6. Labour could go bankrupt or become a state-funded liberal party, unless there’s a re-think on opt-in
  7. Lib Dem agenda: embrace nuclear power, tuition fees and fracking: Party conference programme reveals broad support for coalition’s macroeconomic policies
  8. Voters: Ban donors from the House of Lords
  9. The Law Society of Scotland has set out a series of key questions on Scotland’s constitutional future in a discussion paper published today
  10. The UKIP candidate who SUPPORTS Sharia law: Right-wing party’s activist under fire for saying thieves should have their hands cut off 
  11. ‘Gollum-like cyclist’ admits hurling abuse at Boris Johnson during 100-mile bike race
  12. Should mothers work or stay at home? Don’t ask George Osborne. The chancellor has his knickers in a twist over the family: his vouchers for childcare will alienate almost all parents
  13. Have we ever seen the Chancellor looking so jolly?
  14. It’s just hot air: Britain’s low-carbon economy turns off irate investors
  15. SeanT: How to create peace in the Middle East – by the man who brought you Iraq
  16. Italy speculates that Marina Berlusconi is Silvio’s heiress apparent
  17. Ugandan Discussions: God loves Uganda: America’s Christian right targets homosexuals in Africa
  18. Switzerland considers its national anthem too old-fashioned, so a new one will be chosen through a competition.
  19. Labour must continue to lead the way on animal rights
  20. Peter Capaldi: 10 things about the 12th Doctor
  21. Today, I saw England retain the Ashes for the third consecutive series


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