Night hawks is now open

Night hawks is now open


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If you’ve been working Nine to Five, or longer, why not relax, and converse into the night on the day’s events in PB NightHawks.

If you’re a lurker,  why not delurk tonight.

The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant story)

  1. Michael Gove ‘convinced’ of Conservative victory in 2015 election
  2. George Osborne accused of bowing to City pressure
  3. Anthony Weiner and his weiner are back in the news (Warning, this story contains words that may set off Dave’s porn filter)
  4. Claire Perry should have remembered David Cameron’s maxim about twitter. 
  5. Nadine Dorries repays £3,000 travel expenses, Parliamentary standards watchdog finds Tory MP’s claims for trips between London and her constituency ‘wrongfully made’
  6. Black mark for Labour on primary school places
  7. Ed Miliband reforms will boost union influence, says Unite leader
  8. Ed Miliband’s trade union reforms are essential to building a fairer society
  9. To emulate Blair, Ed Miliband will have to stop imitating him/ Labour’s leader is brave and principled – but falls down as a future prime minister in the public projection of personality

  10. Cameron’s empty gesture could spark a British rebirth, The EU referendum gives us the chance to re-emerge as a global trading nation
  11. The Taliban are like Eurosceptics says Tory MEP
  12. The Taliban are like the Bank of England says Vince Cable
  13. By giving a platform to climate change sceptics, the BBC is misleading the public
  14. Oxfam makes urgent appeal after ‘tough’ year as income falls by £18m
  15. Alex Salmond criticised over North Sea oil claims
  16. Just 23% of Americans under 35 said they considered themselves Republicans, compared with 50% who see themselves as Democrats.
  17. Transport department say 20% of rail commuters forced to stand in rush hour, Passengers on some peak services travelling on trains carrying 60% more people than they were designed to hold
  18. HS2 high-speed rail challenge rejected by court of appeal
  19. The Royal Baby Is Named George Alexander Louis, But Who Was He Named After?
  20. Jane Austen to be face of the Bank of England £10 note
  21. Alan Turing to be on a banknote?
  22. Vegetable crime wave: It’s the phantom cucumber dropper of old London Town
  23. A seminal 80s 90s pop song meets the movies.
  24. The Australian Cricket team have hit rock bottom, even the German cricket team thinks they can beat the Aussies.



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