Is Alex Massie right on Scottish Independence?

Is Alex Massie right on Scottish Independence?

The below graphic is from Ipsos Mori showing the support for Scottish Independence over the last thirty-five years

Over at the Spectator’s Coffee House, Alex Massie has written a piece about the forthcoming referendum following on from the viewing of the first part of the documentary called the Road to referendum, which can be viewed here.

He says

If stories matter in politics – and I think they do – then one of the largest problems facing Unionists is their lack of a narrative. What future are Unionists selling? By contrast – and as last night’s programme demonstrated –  the nationalists have it easy.

He later says

Which is why I don’t think the present opinion polls matter very much. The campaign is only now shifting to prime time. As I say, (at least so far) nationalists should be delighted with Road to Referendum (there’s an accompanying book too) and Unionists should be troubled that they’ve not got a counter-narrative to sell themselves. Or, rather, they’ve nothing that’s quite as attractive or powerful as the idea of a great national  journey


If he is right, then the best odds on Scotland voting for Independence is 10/3 with William Hill


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