Theresa May and Tim Farron first went head to head at GE1992

Theresa May and Tim Farron first went head to head at GE1992

A foretaste of a general election to come?

Thanks to PB poster Tim at the weekend for spotting this one – the battle for the rock solid LAB seat of Durham NW at the 1992 general election.

    Who would have thought then that just over two decades later the two losing candidates, Theresa May and Tim Farron would be right at the top of the betting to be next leaders of their parties?

As has been reported there’s been a big rush to get on Theresa May since the Tory third place at Eastleigh with William Hill now making her 4/1 with Boris at 5/1. PaddyPower have them joint 4/1 favourites while other bookies still give the edge to the Mayor of London.

For Nick Clegg’s successor Tim Farron is solid 2/1 or 5/2 favourite across the board.

What clearly we don’t know in either coalition partner is when a contest is likely to happen. The impression from the LD gathering in Brighton over the weekend was that Clegg was more secure while the rumblings continue amongst Tories about Cameron.

I’ve had a small flutter on the 16/1 option in this new PaddyPower market.

Mike Smithson

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