LAB lead down 4 to 8 percent in the March ICM poll

LAB lead down 4 to 8 percent in the March ICM poll

And Ukip down 2 from 9% last month

The March ICM poll is just out in the Guardian and shows better numbers for the Tories than last month but still way behind LAB.

    To put this poll in context in the firm’s survey a year ago, just before George Osborne’s budget, the blues were enjoying a 3% lead and Ukip was on just 1%.

The dramatic move to Labour across all the pollsters since that budget has been sustsained with not that much movement beyond the normal margins of error.

There are findings to encourage the CON right as Tom Clarke reports:-

“By a majority of 67%-25%, voters across the spectrum say “the Conservatives would be more appealing if they took a tougher line with Europe”.

An even larger majority say the same about “a tougher line on immigration”: 75%-21%. In what the right may seize on as a rejection of gay marriage, voters judge by 69%-24% that the Tories’ appeal could be boosted by keeping “themselves on the side of traditional families”.

There is evidence people may be ready for a right-leaning approach to social affairs. By 65%-30%, for example, voters reject the suggestion that it is wrong for the rich to opt out of the NHS and buy their own medical care, and by 87%-10% they report being proud to be British.”

The 15% LD share is in line with what ICM has been reporting and will cheer the yellows.

Mike Smithson

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