Can the tax scams ever be stopped?

Can the tax scams ever be stopped?

Will the Jimmy Carrs always find a way?

Well done to the Times for its brilliant expose of the K2 tax arrangement under which Jimmy Carr and others are said to have reduced their income liability to just 1%.

At a time of austerity and cuts this is the sort of behaviour that makes people furious even if it is technically legal.

Osborne’s response has been spot on but will the tax dodgers always find a way?

In any case aren’t comedians like Carr just the small fry in the tax avoidance business? Amazon UK, with its billions of sales, was reported in April to have found a way of not paying UK corporation tax at all by doing things through a Luxembourg company.

Maybe naming and shaming is a good approach.

Mike Smithson @MSmithsonPB

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