ICM : Staying in UK just 3pc ahead in Scotland poll

ICM : Staying in UK just 3pc ahead in Scotland poll

Something more for PB NightHawks to chew over

There’s a new poll just our by ICM on Scottish independence for the Sunday Telegraph.

The figures are 40% FOR independence and 43% for remaining in the UK. Amongst the English voters polled 43% support Scottish independence with only 32% opposed. Only those in Scotland, of course, will be allowed to vote.

But the poll is not all good news for Alex Salmond. The paper’s Patrick Hennessy notes:-

“..Today’s poll provides a series of setbacks for Mr Salmond, who favours a “three question” referendum in which Scots are offered the choice of full independence, the status quo, or a “devolution max” option in which all powers other than foreign policy and defence are handed to the parliament in Edinburgh.

Offered this precise choice by ICM, more Scots go for the status quo (37 per cent) than the other two options, both of which win 26 per cent support.

Mr Salmond’s choice of a referendum in 2014 is also less popular (41 per cent) among Scots than a vote “as soon as possible (43 per cent). More than half English voters (52 per cent) also want a quick referendum.

Most Scots admit their nation would be worse off after independence (41 per cent) than better off (38 per cent), while 51 per cent of English think the Scots would be worse off…”

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