Now the voting for the PB Poster of the Year

Now the voting for the PB Poster of the Year

After experimenting with approval voting for the first two sections of this years election a different approach is being taken for the main ballot. Rather than putting a tick beside the contender of your choice you are asked to rate each of them by clicking on the stars.

This is known as range voting – see here.

Note that if you do not rate a candidate then that person’s score will be the average from voters who did make a rating.

So if you want to mark somebody down choose one or two stars.

The short-list was drawn up by Peter the Punter, Sunil and myself. We have tried to ensure a level of political balance in the names chosen so that posters from across the spectrum are included.

Note that on the detailed results screen there is a comment box. That will not be seen by anybody else but me. For the main discussion use the standard Disquus system.

UPDATE Initially the closing date for the poll was written as “Thursday December 28th”. That’s now been amended to “Thursday December 29th..” My mistake. I blame the Xmas spirit.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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