How should Ed have handled Dave’s “brother” jibe?

How should Ed have handled Dave’s “brother” jibe?

Reflecting on the day in the PB NightHawks cafe

I’ve just got round to watching PMQs and Ed was not as bad as some have reported. He was getting on okay with his unemployment questions and it was only when we got to Q4 of the six that things started to go wrong.

He’d tried to raise the split on Europe between the PM and his deputy but Cameron was waiting. Dave’s pointed aside about Clegg and him having differences but not being brothers was delivered faultlessly.

Miliband appeared shaken and didn’t have an answer – but surely after all this time in the job he should have worked out a ready made response to situations like this. Cameron’s comment was totally foreseeable – Ed should have been ready.

Even if he didn’t find it funny Ed should have joined in the laughter. Hard? Yep but it would have been better than what happened.

Acknowledging Cameron’s humour would have taken much of the sting out of it.

Anyway – that’s my thought for tonight – have a good night in the cafe.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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