Tories take 2 point lead with ICM

Tories take 2 point lead with ICM

Is it so bad that voters want to stick with nurse?

There’s a new ICM poll out for the Sunday Telegraph and it shows that the Tories are back into the lead. The figures with changes on the last ICM poll a fortnight ago are: CON 38 (+2): LAB 36 (-2): LD 14 (nc)

ICM has the best track record for accuracy of any of the firms and carries out its fieldwork by phone. This is the first published poll by a telephone pollster since the autumn statement and the day of public sector strikes.

The numbers will be a great relief to the government following the awful news on the economy that had to be reported on Tuesday. At the same time the poll is very bad for Labour.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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