Will banging on about the EU win the blues any converts?

Will banging on about the EU win the blues any converts?

Or is it mostly current Tory voters who are concerned?

The above chart is based on data from YouGov’s latest survey, taken on Tuesday this week, of the key issues when panel members are asked to tick three areas which concern them most.

What’s shown above is the split amongst voters for the three main parties on a wide range of issues and the differences in priorities between the parties is quite marked.

While concern about the economy is broadly similar across the spectrum there are vast differences elsewhere with the Tories having very different profiles on immigration and the EU.

So on Europe 29% of blue voters raised it – almost three times the figure for Labour and Lib Dems. This suggests that the current explosion of feeling in the party about an EU referendum is hardly going to matter electorally.

For the ones most concerned are likely to be in the blue camp already. Okay there’s a possibility of winning back some UKIP support but if the Tories want a majority it’s winning Labour and Lib Dem converts that’s most important.


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