Is EdM’s position now much more secure?

Is EdM’s position now much more secure?

Does tonight’s PLP election reinforce his authority?

In a couple of recent posts David Herdson has speculated on the gamble that Ed Miliband was taking by asking party MPs to vote to end the system whereby they elect the shadow cabinet.

The result is just in and 88% of Labour MPs voted for the change on a turnout of 92%.

This could have gone badly wrong for Ed if MPs had seen it as a vote of confidence. As it is Ed’s move has worked, the vote in favour has been overwhelming and now he’s in a stronger position than before.

This wasn’t quite a Tony Blair “clause 4” moment but it was important. The chances of him leading Labour at the next election must be that much greater.

Ladbrokes have a number of Miliband survival markets but none of the prices are attractive.

Mike Smithson

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