How precarious are Nick and Ed’s positions?

How precarious are Nick and Ed’s positions?

Could they be in for a tricky conference season?

Stan James has an interesting market on which of the three main party leaders will be the first to leave before. The exits have to take place before the next general election and there’s an option that all three will be in place.

  1. Clegg is 7/4
  2. Miliband is 2/1
  3. Cameron is 12/1
  4. None of them 5/4

Politicians are a remarkably resilient lot and it takes a lot to shift someone who has got to the top in his/her party. My bet would be that they’d all be in place.

We’ll get a good pointer during the conference season but generally leaders who are perceived to be in trouble survive these because the faithful gather round to support their man/woman.

On the betting market it’s not that attractive locking up your cash at odds 5/4 when you know that you are not likely to get back a return until 2015.

Mike Smithson

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