Is Ed Miliband’s problem his delivery?

Is Ed Miliband’s problem his delivery?

PMQs is about more than winning the argument

After last week’s performance and the weekend press coverage all eyes were on the Labour leader at PMQs. He simply could not be seen to fail again.

His strategy was something that has worked against Cameron before – raising something that’s very specific in the expectation that Dave is not aware of the detail. Today his attack was based on figures Macmillan that suggest that 7,000 cancer patients stood to lose £94 a week.

Looking at it dispassionately Miliband won the argument. Cameron was unable to respond on the detail and gave the impression that he was trying to wiggle out of the point.

Where Ed failed to score was on his delivery. His voice and his presence were simply not up to dealing with Cameron who was on form. Ed had a great closing statement but its effectiveness was reduced by his manner.

With proper professional training he could do a lot better.

Mike Smithson

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